Real Food Banana Bread or Muffins


Banana bread is one of my all time favorite quick breads. My mom made it when we were young, and just the smell of it baking is nostalgic. The biggest problem with it is that almost every banana bread recipe is loaded with sugar. Bananas are already one of the higher sugar fruits, so it doesn't make sense to add another cup or two of sugar to a recipe that already has a great natural sweetness. Plus I like my kids to be able to eat everything I make, and I don't like feeding them things with ... [ Read More ]

Trim Healthy Mama- A Review


I have a slight obsession with reading. It started... a long time ago. I was one of those kids. The kind who would typically prefer to spend all day (nerd alert!) alone reading a book. My most exciting homeschooling memory is the day at the beginning of the year when our new curriculum arrived. Boxes full of new books in pristine condition waiting to be read. Heaven. I still would prefer to read instead of doing a lot of things, including watching a movie, much to my husbands chagrin. If I have ... [ Read More ]

Strategies To Raise A Healthy Eater


Do you have picky eaters? It seems like most kids now are so used to processed food that it's hard to get them to eat real food, the kinds of food that people have been thriving off of for thousands of years. Almost every baby I see eating is eating out of a box, a bag, or a jar, and half the time the food inside of that carefully marketed wrapping is unrecognizable from it's original form. Why do we feed our kids this way? Convenience? Clever marketing on the part of food companies? Advise from ... [ Read More ]

Top 10 Uses For Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is one of those trendy foods that everyone is hearing about. Why exactly is it so popular right now? One word, superfood. Does anyone else find it a little funny that we are "discovering" all these superfoods that are actually just unprocessed natural food that has been eaten for thousands of years? Truly, there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to real food. Coconut oil does have a lot of health benefits. I think it's worth adding to your daily diet. "These benefits ... [ Read More ]

How To Make Butter, A Picture Tutorial


This is a recipe for homemade sweet cream butter. Cultured butter has a lot of benefits, but if I need butter quickly I make sweet cream butter. It doesn't take the extra day of culturing that cultured butter needs. You'll need cream to start. I use cream from raw milk, but heavy whipping cream from the store works the same. If you're using raw milk you need your milk to sit undisturbed in the fridge for a day to separate from the cream. I store our milk in half gallon mason jars, the wide ... [ Read More ]

The Best/Easiest/Most Simple Tomato Sauce Ever


Loaded down with ripe tomatoes from your garden? We're not...  If you are new to gardening, know what you should plant? Tomatoes. They're the easiest thing in the world to grow. They're practically indestructible. I, however, managed to kill all the tomatoes I planted this year, plus the 20+ volunteer plants that sprung up all over the property. That's what happens when your husband offers to run drip to the new tomato section of the garden and you decline, stating that you'd like to water at ... [ Read More ]

The Home Birth of Ezekiel Zane


Thishome birth was a long time coming. Two years ago I was a few months pregnant with our second baby and really wanted to have him at home. I was born at home, and loved the idea of having my babies at home. My husband wasn't comfortable with the idea though, especially after working in the ER for 5 years and seeing a few emergency births. We decided to have baby #2 at the hospital. Unfortunately, since we live in the middle of farming country and I have short labors, the 45 mile drive to the ... [ Read More ]

Softest Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread


I have tried at least 20 different recipes looking for the softest whole wheat sandwich bread possible. This one is the best and most consistent recipe I've found, and it's fast! I make all of our bread, and sandwich bread is what we go through the most. I prefer to used soaked flour, and with this recipe I often soak it overnight, but to make this easy for everyone, I'm just going to detail the "instant gratification" directions this time. This bread is fast enough that you can start it in the ... [ Read More ]